Mutawintji Eco Tours

Outback Eco Adventures with a focus on areas of Indigenous cultural and ecological significance. 
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Operated by Broken Hill based Tri State Safaris tour company, Mutawintji Eco Tours runs small group tours to Mutawintji National Park and to other areas of cultural and ecological significance. Many of these tours are led by accredited Aboriginal guides to provide a more authentic experience.

Our tours focus on the local wildlife and plants, bush tucker and bush medicines, with an opportunity to enjoy a number of easy and interesting bushwalks on most of our tours. Our most popular tour is the 1 day tour to Mutawintji National Park, which includes an interpretive walk through the Historic Site.

Travel is in well-equipped and air-conditioned 4wd vehicles. Our tours have Advanced Eco-Certification which means you can expect, and experience a genuine eco-tourism product, with a guide who is passionate about sharing their knowledge of the outback with you.

With the support of parent company Tri State Safaris, Mutawintji Eco Tours has been honoured at both the 2010 and 2013 Australian Tourism Awards with a gold trophy in Indigenous Tourism.

Tri State Safaris conducts tours to many of Australia’s iconic destinations including Broken Hill, Flinders Ranges, Corner Country, Birdsville, Simpson Desert, Kimberley Region and Cape York. If you are interested in other Australian outback adventure tours, please visit the Tri State Safaris website.

1 Day Mutawintji National Park Tour

It is amidst the gorges and cliffs where the secrets of an ancient culture exist. The park reveals rock carvings, paintings and stencils that provide of evidence Aboriginal occupation that dates back more than 8,000 years.

Price: $230 pp (includes morning tea & lunch). Children (5-13 years) at 50% of full fare. Tag-along travellers who wish to travel in their own vehicle beginning in Broken Hill will be charged a fare of $130pp. Persons staying at the Mutawintji camping grounds are invited to join tours at $45pp

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“You provided a knowledgeable and passionate guide for Mutawintji – helping us to understand the Aboriginal culture. Jo and Mick’s safari made us feel relaxed and cared for with an extra special style and flair, we loved the four wheel driving. Our memories of this trip will stand in the forefront – and we'll toast to that.” Brent & Leslie, Wisconsin, USA

“We appreciated the very individualised and thoughtful service, the detailed and very interesting information, the sensitivity you displayed for the ecosystems you were sharing with us, and the privilege of visiting Mutawintji.” Rosalie & Alice, Newport, NSW


Mutawintji National Park Travel Options

Are you already camping at the Mutawintji camp grounds? Or would you prefer to take a full day all inclusive tour from Broken Hill? Mutawintji Eco Tours is bound to have a travel option to suit your needs and preferences.

Click here to learn more about the ways that you can visit Mutawintji National Park with Mutawintji Eco Tours.


1 Day Rock Art Tour

Located just North of Broken Hill, is one of the most exclusive and extensive collections of Panaramitee art work in Australia. These motif style depictions convey a strong sense of our cultural and historical background, and provide a sensation of 'connection' to our early inhabitants who crafted the pieces so many years ago. Tri State Safaris has been honoured with exclusive permission to tour this exceptional art works. Any traveller who chooses to take part in this tour will be one of only a few people in the world to have been allowed entry into this very private area.

Price: Passengers - $230 pp (includes morning tea & lunch) Tag-alongs - $130pp. Children (5 - 13 years) at half the adult fare.

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"Simply amazing, and not what I was expecting. It was incredible, truely unique, and simply beautiful. I was just flabbergasted!" Jan Bird, Port Adelaide, SA

3 Day Mungo Deluxe Eco Tour 

Mungo is an area rich in Aboriginal history. Evidence found here dates back well over 40,000 years to man's early occupation of this once much wetter area. This area is listed as a World Heritage area, and is the site of the world’s oldest human cremation. Stay in the Mungo lodge situated on the brink of the Mungo area.

Price: Single Share - $1975pp, Twin Share - $1720pp, Triple Share - $1500pp. Children (5-13 years) half price.

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“Excellent tour, good value for money. Can’t go past local knowledge. Thank you.” Pauline & Phil, Toowoomba, QLD


Each of these tours was selected for its cultural importance and variety of experiences. Tours are conducted with our parent company, the multi-award winning Tri State Safaris.