• Mike Whitney : Sydney Weekender


    "I had the privilege of spending four days with Mick and Joanne up in Corner Country shooting a feature story for Sydney Weekender on Channel 7 in Sydney. To this day it is one of the highlights of my 13 years on the show. Mick and Jo treated us like family – you certainly don’t go hungry. Memorable highlights were the clay pan of the Waka Plain and a very long ‘traditional’ Aussie night at the Family Hotel in Tibooburra. We were also incredibly lucky because the rains came just before we arrived. This meant we got to experience first hand the red dirt of the desert coming to life with the full on colour of the desert flowers and of course flocks of budgerigars. I can’t wait till Sydney Weekender gets out to Corner Country again, I’ll certainly be hooking up with Tri State Safaris."

  • Terry Smith : Travel Writer, The Sun Herald Newspaper

    ARBOE2007_D30261 (2)

    "Stepping onto the railway platform I met Mick and Jo McCullkin, a husband and wife team who operate Tri State Safaris as near as a few clicks out of town and as far away as the Birdsville Track. I soon discovered that hitting the road with Mick and Jo wasn’t like touring with guides, but travelling with friends. Dodging bulldust along red rutted roads, Mick and Jo took me to places where the only shade is the shade you make yourself; where willy-willies whirl like spiteful spirits; where mirages look for all the world like an island sea; where roos, emus razorbacks and camels are the only traffic; where, at night on a high place Jo called ’50 million star accommodation’ you can see the curvature of the earth."

  • Geoff & Amanda: Passengers on 2014 Simpson Desert Crossing

    Amanda Coombes SD12 2014

    "We would like to thank you sincerely for your leadership, guidance and experience as you led us across the Simpson Desert. The knowledge you have acquired over your years of travel is certainly evident as we travelled from place to place every day. The friendship and warmth you bestow on every person that travels with you is very welcome and certainly helps make the experience all the better..............The passion, enthusiasm and drive you share is contagious and we know why you love it so much. We felt priviledged to have travelled with you."

  • Pam & Adrian: Passengers on 2014 Kimberley Adventure


    "We just want to thank you for the wonderful experiences we had on the 15 Day Kimberley  tour, it was a fantastic trip and adventure.The planning was perfect, with time available to do those special things, such as swimming in beautiful pools below waterfalls, gliding along magnificent gorges by boat, experiencing the beauty of the Kimberley by air and walking through steep gorges among palms, flowing streams and ancient rock formations. We also enjoyed the indigenous experiences.Travelling with a small group of like-minded adventurous people was certainly the perfect way to go. Thank you again for a fabulous trip."

  • John, Robin & Sophie: Tag-along participants on Mutawintji tour 2012


    "My wife and I and our daughter took the tag along tour with Mark around Mutawingee the week before last. I'm sure you have been told before what an assett Mark is. I don't think I have been on such am informative tour. Mark covered both Aboriginal and European history, geology, botany, and rock art in an informative and often amusing way. We were impressed by how Mark looked after the younger kids of the group. We all agree it was the highlight of our trip, and he is a great representative for his people and your tours."


  • Chuckie946 - via TripAdvisor

    Menindee Lakes

    "This Tri State Safaris day trip was a very enjoyable experience, running from 8.30am to 4.30pm out of Broken Hill to Menindee and return, in a very well presented and well appointed 4WD vehicle. The pick up from my accomodation was punctual and the greeting very friendly, and the rest of the outing continued in a similar vein. The driver, Michael, was charismatic and knowledgeable, with plenty of relevant information about the country we were travelling through and the locations we visited. Being born and raised on the River Murray in South Australia it was very illuminating for me to visit the Menindee Lakes, which are such an integral part of the Murray Darling River system. It was my second day trip with Tri State Safaris and I will be very happy to return for more, and longer, trips with them."

  • elizabeth w - via TripAdvisor

    Outback wildflower

    "The Outback dream that exceeded all expectations. We have been touring, camping,adventuring for over 40 years and this was our first conducted tour. A combined Country Link/Corner Country extended with day trips around Broken Hill and Menindee Lakes.
    Everything was perfect- the accommodation, the transport, the food. Every day was fantasticinteresting and incredible. It was so good I couldn't stop smiling.
    Each day was better than before. Every box was ticked- wildlife, wild flowers, scenery, history, geology. Every aspect was terrific. Each day was well planned. It was wonderful to be back with real people from out west.
    I cannot wait for our next trip with Tri State."

  • Joy - 2014 Kimberley Adventure


    Wow! What a trip. It was a memorable experience in so many ways. The country itself, the company of a lovely group, great weather, not the least of which was your care, hospitality and great food. I have done a couple of trips away from Australia and this beats them all. I have thought of it every day since we arrived home. And homecoming was a bit fresh I might add.
    It was with some reluctance that last week I thought I'd better scrape some of the red dirt off my sandals.